Allius Services accepts internship placements for counsellors who are experienced in the field of human and social services; comfortable working therapeutically with kids, couples, parents and families; and who are committed to professional development. Interns are not covered by your private extended health benefits even though they work under a registered supervisor who reviews and consults with them about their client work.


Here are just a few of the many benefits of seeing a student intern:

Student interns are dedicated to learning and enhancing their skills, and they are given time to research how to best support their clients during their placement. Student interns typically carry lower caseloads to ensure they are spending the time preparing for their work with clients. 

Clients have the benefit of a "seasoned" clinician supervisor without the high cost. Student interns review their client work and treatment plans regularly with a supervisor, ensuring best practices when supporting clients. 

Student interns offer a greater time flexibility to see clients in the evenings to accommodate clients’ work schedules. They can also offer sliding fees that are much lower than the standard rates ($25-50/ hour), so your money goes further.  

Student interns at Allius Services use a formal client feedback tool to ensure they are meeting your expectations for counselling and tracking your progress which is reviewed by their supervisor. 

Student interns are fresh out of their courses, and they have the benefit of the most recent knowledge coming out of their university programs that they are excited to apply in the real world. 

Student intern counsellors are accommodating in many ways, and as a client you do your part to help these interns become the best counsellors they can be.


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