Accelerated Resolution Therapy or ART is a short-term, unique, evidence-based therapy method that combines eye movements, similar to EMDR, with imagining tools to shift, replace and resolve the negative emotions and experiences associated with trauma, depression, anxiety, complex grief, phobias, panic attacks, pain management and more. What makes ART different from other trauma treatment protocols is that the mental health difficulties resolve in an average of 3 sessions and fewer than 5 sessions. Many people experience relief after their very first session of ART. Since ART is a brief model of therapy, it makes this treatment accessible financially to more people.

The eye movements generate brain waves that have been shown to support creativity, daydreaming and are commonly present when meditating. This allows people to return to a calm state throughout the processing of any distressing information or sensations.

Another positive benefit that client have reported about ART is that they never need to share any details about their traumatic experience or retell difficult stories. This can be an important barrier to people getting the relief they need. The client remains in charge of what gets shared. while the counsellor is simply there to guide the process. This makes ART easier on both the client and the counsellor.

ART has been shown to make lasting changes for people and the body of research continues to grow. ART has been classified as an evidence-based treatment for several psychological issues that include trauma and stress-related disorders by the American Psychological Association (APA).

One of the unique aspects of ART is image replacement where clients imagine positive experiences and replace the negative ones. This image replacement process eliminates triggers, sensations, nightmares, and repeated intrusive thinking for most people. The clients experience great relief by erasing the old images and by rewriting their story. The clients keep the facts of the events, but they no longer experience the emotional pain attached these events.

ART allows for rapid recovery in a safe, client-centred, measurable approach. The results leave most people feeling calm and experiencing a sense of closure and wellbeing using well-established, creative tools in a conversational process. There is never any homework and it does not use hypnosis.

If you’ve tried other avenues unsuccessfully to resolve your psychological challenges, or you have been reluctant to try other methods available, consider learning more about how ART can help by visiting or by calling Allius Services for more information.