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Counselling for people of all ages.

Counselling Services

Individual Adult Counselling
Adult Counselling

Individuals frequently come in to see us to address anxiety, life transitions, family of origin issues, trauma and loss. We encourage the use of mindfulness and values-based cognitive and behavioural strategies found in psychotherapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindful Self-Compassion and many other related interventions. There is mounting evidence that shows that making connections between what we notice may be happening on the inside can provide opportunities to make lasting improvements for people facing a variety of difficulties. We have had a lot of positive feedback from clients who have experienced beneficial results when they apply a more accepting and compassionate way of dealing with emotional and interpersonal struggle. Neuroscience and "neuroception" are key elements that inform the work of the Allius team.


You may be encouraged as an adult client to try working through challenges in the sand tray since there is strong support for its use to work through emotional content that can be too difficult to access using talk therapies alone.


Lurline offers brief trauma methods (1-5 sessions) with strong research indicating clients experience consistently positive results in resolving trauma and emotional over-activation that is seen in many issues clients bring in. Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), The Flash Technique and Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) are options to process difficult feelings, losses, traumatic events or wounding relationships. 

Finally, we specialize in the area of separation and divorce. If you are struggling with issues related to separation, divorce, coparenting or family court, we have supported many clients through this very challenging transition.

Child & Adolescent Counselling
Child-Teen Therapy

Lurline is a Registered Play Therapist with significant training and experience in child and adolescent psychology and developmentally appropriate therapies, and this can help in finding the right strategy for the age, stage and identified problem. Play Therapists complete extensive training in child development, attachment (bonding), and in the use of play, creative and expressive interventions to understand and explore the feelings, thoughts and behaviours. She does use some traditional talk therapy to successfully support change for older kids and teens. Her preferred tool is sand tray since it can be an effective and approachable counselling intervention for all ages and has strong support in neurobiology.​ She borrows from a variety of models to explore sand tray themes.

Other counsellors at Allius work under Lurline's supervision since she is also an accredited supervisor. Every counsellor comes with extensive background and previous degrees that prepares them to successfully work with children, adolescents, parents and families. Everyone at Allius works from an attachment and family systems perspective.

A first session involves meeting with parents or caregivers to carefully collect information about the child/ teen and family’s history and challenges. Then together, we set out goals. Within the first few sessions, we may outline a counselling plan. Depending on the identified problem and treatment goals, the parent or caregiver may or may not be involved in future sessions.


We specialize in working with young people experiencing anxiety, a traumatic history or traumatic event(s), or breaks in their significant attachments. We have worked extensively with kids who are struggling with separation/ divorce, alienation/ estrangement, coparenting issues and child protection interventions. 

“I wonder if our right hemisphere believes there is such a thing as pathology or if our symptoms might all be seen as truth-telling and adaptive.”~ Bonnie Badenoch

Parenting, Coparenting, Couples & Family Counselling
Parent-Family Therapy

Lurline has post graduate-level coursework in Couple and Family Therapy, as well as Gottman Couples Method, family systems and family attachment models from Attachment-Focused Family Therapy to foster healthy and meaningful relationships. The therapeutic methods used support improved connection with others while also increasing personal and interpersonal insights that promote understanding and compassion for others and ourselves. Family counselling can be beneficial for separation or divorce issues, blended families, eldercare issues or general communication challenges within a family unit.


Parenting can be difficult for many reasons – some of these can be related to your child’s behaviour and some of these can be related to your parenting response patterns. Attachment and bonding can be interrupted and damaged by difficulties within the relationship, leaving parents feeling frustrated and hurt by the distance between them and their child.


Neuroscience research is offering us greater insights into these patterns and how applying specific strategies that promote reconnection can solve them. As attachment-oriented therapists, who have worked with many parents over the years, we have collected parenting tools, strategies and techniques. Frequently parents suggest that simply focusing on reconnecting with their child has results in significant behaviour improvements at home.

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