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Family Services

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The Allius Services team are experienced in supporting families in conflict. We support parent-child and couples having relationship difficulties. We have the benefit of using a team-based, wrap-around response to complex family circumstances. Types of family counselling situations we may work with: 

  • divorce-separation,

  • coparenting difficulties,

  • blended family adjustment challenges,

  • child protection involvement,

  • couples wanting to improve their relationship or to uncouple peacefully,

  • parent-child/ teen conflict

  • family court-ordered family/ child counselling,

  • parent coaching,

  • adoption support,

  • parent-child contact problems (alienation/ estrangement),

  • adult family matters.


As child, youth and family counsellors, we are passionate about helping parents to be developmentally responsive to the needs of children and youth. We remain committed to keeping kids' needs as the top priority since this can often get lost when parents are struggling or in conflict. We help get parents back to the business of raising healthy children.

All our counsellors have a background in child and youth as well as a relational attachment lens.

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