Welcome to Allius

You have taken an important first step toward transforming your life into one that better reflects who you want to be. We all recognize that life is not always going to be easy. There are going to be times when we all could use some help to work through challenging situations and experiences. Our human struggle is universal. Seeking out professional support demonstrates your willingness to invest in yourself and in your relationships with others.  

Our agency name "Allius" comes from combining ALL, I, and US -- reflecting our commitment to fostering connections. It is all about people connecting with themselves in order to connect better with others. This is what we support in our work with people of all ages..

"A burden shared is a burden halved," T.A. Webb


About Lurline Raposo

  • Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology

  • Registered as a BCACC Clinical Counsellor

  • Registered as a Play Therapist and a Play Therapy Supervisor

  • Clinical Supervisor

  • BC Hear the Child Roster Member

  • Family Court Assessor - Hear the Child Reports, Views of the Child (S211) and Parenting Capacity Assessments

  • Clinical Group Facilitator and Professional Trainer

  • Advanced Graduate coursework in Child and Adolescent Psychology and Couple & Family Therapy

  • Family Mediation Training completed


​I have been working professionally with children, teens and their families for over two decades. I have specialized in working clinically with young people and their families since 2008.

I am a family-focused therapist who uses parent-child attachment and the neuroscience principles of parenting to work with behavioural difficulties, anxiety and trauma. To best support young people, I use a blend of creative, cognitive, brain-body and developmentally sensitive counselling solutions.

With adults, my counselling practice prioritizes healing trauma and relationship wounds; improving anxiety and panic symptoms; navigating key life transitions; learning to work through conflict while mending disconnection from our most valued relationships. 

I continue to focus my professional development training in areas that support clients' well-being based on science, evidence and research outcomes.